Dortmund Fans Gladly Host Traveling Monaco Fans After Champions League Game Delayed By Explosions

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Dortmund’s Champions League quarterfinal match against Monaco this afternoon was canceled after their team bus was hit by three explosions on its way to the stadium. According to the latest out of Dortmund, Marc Bartra had to undergo surgery for a broken wrist and officials are working to verify the authenticity of a note claiming responsibility for the bombings. Goalkeeper Roman Bürki was sitting next to Bartra and he described a “huge bang” before players had to hit the deck:

“I was sitting in the very back row next to Marc Bartra, who was hit by fragments of the broken rear window,” said Mr. Bürki, who is Swiss. All the players then ducked and lay on the bus floor, he said, because “we didn’t know if something more would happen.”

The game was rescheduled for Wednesday, April 12, meaning that those who traveled from Monaco needed to stay the night before the game tomorrow evening. Monaco announced that they’d reimburse fans for up to 80 Euros for hotel stays in Dortmund, and Dortmund put out a call for their supporters to help house traveling fans overnight.


Many quickly heeded the call and shared their dinner tables and houses with strangers there to watch a soccer game.


Very sweet.