Doug Baldwin Is Probably Still Looking For Doubters To Call Out

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Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin made a brief and profane cameo in the madness immediately following Jermaine Kearse's game-winning touchdown catch, but that was just the start of his postgame highlight reel. From there, he went on to call out the NFL Network's Deion Sanders for being a punk-ass hater, and then delivered a sermon to a scrum of media members, chastising them for being, you guessed it, punk-ass haters.

Baldwin's message to Sanders is in the video above, and it is delightful. Sanders had some less-than-complimentary things to say about Seattle's receiving corps before the game, and Baldwin let him know that those words didn't go unnoticed.

Then he moved on to the media, hitting a group of reporters with what amounted to a verbal face mush:


This is all good stuff. We know this because it annoyed precisely the right people:


If the Seahawks win another Super Bowl, here's hoping Doug Baldwin stands at midfield for 20 minutes after the game and just rants about how much the media sucks.