Doug Gottlieb: DeAndre Hopkins Isn't "Smart Enough" To Get "Nuance" Of Bob McNair's "Inmates" Quote

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Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins skipped practice today after ESPN published a quote from team owner Bob McNair in which he compared his employees to prison inmates at last week’s NFL meetings. Thankfully, Fox Sports Radio broadcaster Doug Gottlieb was available to bring the white man’s perspective to the topic.

Gottlieb said McNair misstated the idiom about inmates running the asylum —“shouldn’t have said ‘prison’ because now you’re talking about black guys”— and then questioned Hopkins’s intelligence.

DeAndre Hopkins obviously—I’m just gonna be blunt—he’s not smart enough to understand the nuance of what he’s saying.

After trying and failing to talk about labor’s stake in companies, Gottlieb said:

Demanding the ability to protest and not having the wherewithal, the understanding of all the things going on in the business ... that’s classic employee stuff.


At the end of the segment Gottlieb got back to suggesting employees can’t understand the “business acumen” to understand an NFL owner putting his foot in his mouth:

The inmates can’t run the asylum, the prison, the football team. And if you’re bothered by the use of the word inmates, sorry, that’s a you problem. You don’t understand the expression. When you come up to speed on the expression, I’ll fill you in on the business acumen that you don’t have.

Wise words about business acumen coming from a guy who didn’t know how credit cards worked.