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Doug Gottlieb Does Not Like Your Taunts

We don't have as big a problem with ESPN college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb as some others do. He tends to make Big Controversial Statements, but a lot of the time, he's willing to anger people rather than play the usual "hey, coach, great game!" back-slapping role of the typical hoops analyst. Though it appears that anger card is legitimate; don't question Doug Gottlieb, or he'll come after you.

Gottlieb famously rang up thousands of dollars in charges on his roommate's credit card in college, a youthful indiscretion he still hasn't been able to live down. Witness this exchange from his ESPN Chat earlier this week.

Mike Indiana: How did your mediocre basketball career prepare you for a mediocre broadcasting career?

Doug Gottlieb: (4:04 PM ET ) So your mediocre life can prepare you for a mediocre afterlife...and by the way, which one of us works for ESPN... hey and next time...when I you say 30 minutes or less....get here on time with my pizza.

John (Notre Dame): Doug, I lost my credit card, where were you last night?

SportsNation Doug Gottlieb: (4:27 PM ET ) Ask your mom.


SportsNation Doug Gottlieb: (4:34 PM ET ) Ten years ago I made a mistake...and payed for it...18 years ago YOU WERE your parents mistake and they are still paying for it.


You know, all told, sometimes we think we'd rather work for Domino's Pizza than ESPN.

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