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Doug Gottlieb, "Touch-Screen Dong" (Touch Screen, 2010)

Illustration for article titled Doug Gottlieb, Touch-Screen Dong (Touch Screen, 2010)

The ESPN analyst's latest work is a fine addition to the telestrator dong genre. Note the Fauvist coloring and bold gestural abstraction. He has wisely avoided one of dong art's most shopworn clichés, bypassing the pendulous balls entirely.

Further, the extraneous lines suggest motion, action, and they give the work a dynamism the genre so often lacks — a modernist's sense of lightness and flight, a dong in Brancusian space. Here is video of the artist at work.

Oh, Doug. Your artistry has stolen our hearts as if they were a roommate's credit card.


Tip of the beret to Michael B. for the screenshot and to Mike E. for the video.

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Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin and dong art. Barry Petchesky will be here shortly.

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