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Drake Bulldogs

1. Where Did You Come From? Drake graduated four starters last year - Al Stewart, Aliou Kieta, Nick Grant and Ajay Calvin. It would have been five graduating starters had Klayton Korver not medically redshirt his junior year. Enter Josh Young, Adam Emmenecker, Jonathon Cox and Leonard Houston. Not surprisingly, Drake wasn't expected to do all that well this year. Instead of the 9th place finish that was the preseason prediction for the Bulldogs, they locked up the No. 1 Seed for the MVC Tournament for the first time in school history.

2. The Shooting Korvers Kinda like the Flying Wallendas or the Catching Molinas. Drake senior Klayton Korver is the younger brother of the Utah Jazz's Kyle. Third brother Kaleb is a freshman on the Creighton Blue Jays (as was Kyle). Youngest brother Kirk is still in high school, and as usual the youngest is supposed to be the best one of the group. That is, if you don't count their mother, Laine Korver, who scored 74 points in a high school game.


3. A Bit of a Dry Spell In 1969, Drake lost bythree3 points in the Final Four to a UCLA team led by Lew Alcindor that went on to beat UNC in the Consolation Game. After making the Elite Eight each of the next two years, Drake has been a bit of a stranger to the postseason. Those three years are the only times in school history that the Bulldogs have appeared in the NCAA Tournament. Elsewhere in the world of sports the last time Drake went dancing? Super Bowl V, Frazier-Ali I, and Pete Sampras was born. — Andrew McGuire

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