This is a very strange moment from Draymond Green’s postgame press conference following yesterday’s 121-94 victory over the Rockets. The reporter seems to be asking Green about similarities between this series—where the Rockets won Game 3 as Houston was still dealing with a major flood, but got blown out in Game 4—and last year’s Western Conference Finals, where the Rockets got blown out in Game 3 but won Game 4 as Houston was dealing with a major flood.

The question makes some amount of sense directed towards a member of the Rockets, like Dwight Howard, if you’re writing about how they stay focused during civic distress, or if you’re fishing for a canned quote about how “basketball just isn’t as important as people’s lives” or “we’re trying to win for the people of Houston.”

But directed toward Green, where the intention does seem to be setting him up for a response comparing real live floods that killed people and destroyed homes to a “flood” of three-pointers during a basketball game, the question is insensitive, at best, and was rightfully parried away.