Draymond Green Blew It And Kevin Durant Got So Mad At Him

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The Warriors and Clippers played a thriller last night, in which the Warriors made an 11-0 run in the last five minutes of regulations to tie the game, only to lose 121-116 in overtime. But who cares about any of that shit! We’re here because Kevin Durant and Draymond Green looked like they wanted to kill each other.

With the game tied at 106 in the final moments of the fourth quarter, Green grabbed a rebound off a missed Clippers shot. With six seconds left, he ignored Durant calling for the ball, raced up the court, and then just fell over without getting up a potential game-winning shot. Durant was pissed in the ensuing huddle, and he and Green spent most of the break before overtime yelling at each other:


Oh hell yeah, this is the good stuff. Let’s run it through the Beef Analyzer:

  • Durant was obviously mad about Green snatching the rebound from him and then refusing to pass the ball so Durant could take the last shot. He screamed something along the lines of, “Pass me the fucking ball!” after taking his seat on the bench.
  • Green didn’t like being called out for making a dumb play, and whatever he said back to Durant wasn’t very diplomatic. That exasperated chuckle and head shake from Durant at the 35-second mark is the international sign for, “I can’t fucking believe this guy.”
  • DeMarcus Cousins seems to be urging Green to “lock it in” as he leads him away from the bench, to which Green appears to be replying, “He a bitch.”
  • Meanwhile, Durant is being soothed by Andre Iguodala, to whom he appears to be saying, “Come on man... I’m trying to win a basketball game.”

Neither player spoke to the media after the game. Durant bolted before reporters even entered the locker room, and Green slipped out after his shower without speaking to anyone. The only guy willing to talk about the spat was Shaun Livingston, who just wrote the incident off as “team spirit.”


Will this incident be a tipping point that leads to the Warriors completely falling apart, failing to win the NBA title, and Durant eventually bolting in free agency? Probably not. Should you spend the rest of the day convincing yourself that, actually, that is exactly what’s going to happen? Sure. Yes. Definitely.