Draymond Green Wants It Known That He Did Not Scuffle With Drake

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Raptors super fan and legendary cornball Drake was an unusually subdued presence during Game 1 of the NBA Finals in Toronto, perhaps because he got a stern talking-to from the league. But, with an assist from a salty Draymond Green, Drake still managed to deliver another meme-able moment after the final buzzer.

It’s not clear why Green decided to get in Drake’s face before leaving the floor, other than the fact that it must be very hard to not get in Drake’s face whenever you see him smirking at you from the sideline. It’s also unclear what Drake said to Green in response, though it looks like the word “trash” was yelled at some point.


Anyway, Green was asked about the incident after the game by a reporter who described it as a “scuffle,” and after first declining to answer the question he went on a little tangent about how, actually, it was not a scuffle:


Everyone got that? A scuffle is not a scuffle unless it features someone hitting and or pushing another person. Last night’s incident was more of a fuss, or perhaps a borderline to-do.

We should all thank Draymond Green for providing an important reminder of how important it is to be precise with our language.