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Draymond Green Was A Dick To ESPN's Brian Windhorst For No Good Reason

Photo: Thearon Henderson/Getty

During a conversation about Kevin Durant’s battle with the NBA’s officiating staff on yesterday’s NBA Countdown, Brian Windhorst offhandedly mentioned that Draymond Green had previously and publicly said “every referee should be fired.”

Green was evidently watching, becuse he revved up his tweet machine to get pissy online.


Callousness aside, Green doesn’t even have a good reason to be mad at Windhorst. He was using Draymond Green’s own words to support Green’s teammate’s grievance against how the NBA officiates Warriors games, and his conclusion was that Durant was right. Windhorst was being even-handed and even pro-Warriors, and it’s too bad Green was looking for something to get mad about.


For his part, Windhorst can take a joke, as he later warned Paul Pierce to stop talking about Green, or else he’d also get a rude tweet.

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