Draymond Green's Been Wildly Kicking His Leg Out For A Long Time

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While we await word on whether or not Draymond Green will be suspended for his kiwi punch on Steven Adams last night, everybody—including Green and Russell Westbrook—is arguing about whether it was intentional or not.

Green says he was simply trying to draw a foul call, not kick Adams. As this argument—which is probably the only believable explanation that sees Green avoid a suspension—goes, Green’s kick was a flop gone wrong, spiritually closer to Kobe Bryant’s infamous arm-flailing (which resulted in a suspension) than Nic Batum’s wind-up and punch to Juan Carlo Navarro’s huevos.

In support of this argument are dozens of clips compiled by Devin Williams, a Bay Area basketball trainer and the man behind the 10,000 Hours web series. Williams posted to Twitter clip after clip of Green’s legs flailing about in all directions as he shoots, demonstrating that the leg flail is a regular part of Green’s game:


Of course, even if you buy that the kick was unintentional, that doesn’t mean Green automatically should be let off the hook. After all, he is a professional athlete, and it seems reasonable to expect him to have enough body control not to kick another grown man in the nads.