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Drew Bledsoe Is A Big Fan Of Caddyshack, Filming Televised Nose Pickers With His Camera Phone

Although we have better resources for providing high quality video from sporting even broadcasts, we figured we'd share this with you. That's because the Zapruder to this head shot was (apparently) Drew Bledsoe.

We got this in the tips box last night and it certainly appears to have been forwarded by someone who knows Drew Bledsoe. Someone who knows Drew Bledsoe so well, in fact, that he receives emails with Caddyshack references accompanying video attachments of that poor Illinois ball boy picking his nose.


As you can see, not only is Drew just hangin' with some buds, laughin' and watchin' some pigskin, he even pulled the old "film it off the television with my phone" move. Classic. Ex-NFL stars: they're just like us!

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