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Drew Brees Exits Saints-Rams With Hand Injury [Updates]

Illustration for article titled Drew Brees Exits Saints-Rams With Hand Injury [Updates]

Drew Brees was taken out of Sunday’s Saints-Rams game after the quarterback suffered a hand injury on a throw where Aaron Donald was barreling down at him. Brees was able to get the throw off, but his hand collided with Donald’s outstretched arm.

(Not for nothing, but Donald’s mitt looks like it could easily crush every bone on Brees’s throwing hand, so whatever injury the quarterback actually suffered seems pretty light under that context.)


On the ensuing drive, New Orleans sent out backup Teddy Bridgewater in Brees’s place as the starter received treatment (tape) in his arm/wrist area. Bridgewater’s first drive ended in a three-and-out. Brees is currently listed as questionable to return.

We will update this post with more information when it becomes available.

Update (6:13 p.m. ET): Erin Andrews reported that Brees will not return for the game, even though there are shots of the quarterback with his helmet on while standing on the sidelines. If this clip is any indication, it’d probably be best for him to sit this game out.


Update (8:14 p.m. ET): It appears that this is as much as the Saints are going to make public for now.

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