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Illustration for article titled Drew Breess Attorney Drafts Affidavit In Support Of Jonathan Vilma, Drew Brees Signs Affidavit

The affidavit was filed in federal court on Saturday in support of Jonathan Vilma's motion to dismiss Roger Goodell's decision to suspend Vilma for the 2012 season.

"I have no knowledge of a pay to injure program existing, and yet to personally see any evidence that would substantiate these allegations," Brees says in the affidavit. "In my four years as a teammate with Jonathan, I have found that he is a man of integrity who passionately plays the game of football within the frameworks of the rules and has respect for his opponents."


See what he did there? Drew Brees's attorney wants you to know that Drew Brees knows nothing about a "pay to injure program." Meanwhile, Roger Goodell says Vilma was suspended for his role in a "pay-for-performance" program. So, the stupid dance continues.

Brees's attorney then pulled out the old Hurricane Katrina card and argued that Vilma's absence from the field this year would negatively affect his ability to help the community.

Brees says Vilma has been dedicated to helping the city recover from Hurricane Katrina and has started a foundation to build schools in Haiti.

"As a professional football player, our platform to reach our communities is directly driven by the manner in which we compete on the field," Brees said. "Therefore, Jonathan's absence on the field will adversely affect his ability to impact the community in a positive way as a leader and a role model."

Anyway, there you have it. Drew Brees supports his teammate who is futilely fighting the man.

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Brees files affidavit supporting suspended Vilma against NFL [SI, AP]

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