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Drew Lock Throws Pass To Fallen Receiver, Results In Pick-Six

Saturday’s game between Missouri and South Carolina was a meteorological shitshow. Nothing in the game really encapsulated just how bad the rain in Columbia was like Missouri quarterback Drew Lock failing to see that his intended target on a screen pass had slipped and fallen, and throwing the ball straight to a South Carolina defender.

While that was the worst error of the day for Lock, he didn’t exactly do much better throughout. He finished the eventual 37-35 loss to the Gamecocks with 204 yards and a 47.2 completion percentage. South Carolina quarterback Michael Scarnecchia seemed less affected by the rain, finishing with 249 yards and three touchdowns.


There were, of course, other things in the game that the rain affected. Electronics like coaching headsets and the game’s scoreboard stopped working. In the above highlight, you’ll notice that ESPN doesn’t even have a game clock on their graphic. The refs were the only ones who knew how much time was left in the game for a bit. The game also had to be delayed late in the fourth quarter due to potential bad weather. No one took the news about a delay harder than Missouri mascot, Truman the Tiger.

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