Drew Magary Breathes Some Common Sense Into A Stand-Your-Ground Courthouse Brawl

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Old man got KO power. Osceola, FL Courthouse Brawl Breaks Out." Tonight's commentator: Deadspin columnist Drew Magary.

Never go into a fight with sunglasses resting atop your head. That's just common sense. Here we have an old Robert Altman-looking dude in a suit going toe-to-toe with a father-son team that features the dad wearing a hat that says BONE and rocking a cheek wart the size of a fucking nickel. Both Altman and one of the sons has a pair of sunglasses resting on top of their heads. Do the sunglasses stay in place during the fight? THEY DO NOT. If you're gonna fight and you wanna keep your sunglasses intact, you have to spring for Croakies, no matter how stupid they make you look. Some other highlights from this encounter.

• The fight itself lasts only about thirty seconds, and it features a strong counterpunch from Altman ("Git yer hand off of me!") that breaks his opponent's jaw. Jawboy ends the video being carted out on a stretcher. A stretcher for a broken jaw? Nice going, Dwyane Wade.

• I'm inclined to root for Altman in this video because he's fighting alone and because, after breaking a kid's jaw, Altman assumes the Olde Irishe Boxer stance. You rarely see that stance deployed without irony.

• The cops come into this video in under a minute, and I think we can all agree that cops ruin good fight videos. The rest of the video is just them dealing with the boring aftermath. All the lady cop has to do is point her taser and yell STAY WHERE YOU'RE AT! and the fight is over. Lousy tasers.

• I like the guy who shouted EVERYBODY RELAX! well after the fight was already broken up. Way to keep everyone in line, peacemaker.

• Some random quotes for your enjoyment: "I'm gonna tase you!" "I just sprained my finger." "Like father, LIKE SON!"

• I'd like to thank all the extras in this video for acting the exact same way I would act after a brawl. I would stand like there like fucking idiot, staring at people and taking up space until the cops told me to get the fuck out of here. It's comforting to know that I would not be alone in deploying that particular post-fight strategy.


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