Druggie NFL Prospects Not Actually On Drugs

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Remember all the fuss recently about certain draft prospects who tested positive for drugs at the scouting combine and how it made everyone sad for today's youth? Yeah, none of those guys actually tested positive.


B.J. Raji, Vontae Davis, Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing were among the players who were reported to have tested positive for either marijuana or steroids during their examination at the NFL combine. However, now that the list of positive tests has been given to NFL teams it appears that everyone who denied the reports was telling the truth—their names are not on the list. (PFT even says their were fewer than ten names on the list in total.) Oops.

Sports Illustrated was among those who reported that Raji had failed his test, but they took down the story from their website after Raji's strenuous denials, saying they needed "further reporting." The mysterious NFLDraftBible.com still has their posts about the positive tests up on their site and it does not appear that they have posted a retraction or update at this time.


We're going to assume that NFL teams are smart enough not to get their scouting information from blogs—that's a generous assumption, of course—and none of these guys will be affected come draft day. Still, another awesome notch on the belt for basement dwelling rumor-mongers everywhere.

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