On Tuesday, we brought you the tale of a Phillies superfan that one tipster dubbed "Drunk 9/11 Hippie Girl," a moniker based on (a) her presumed level of intoxication, (b) her unwavering patriotism, and (c) her obvious predilection for wearing headbands and bracelets and expressive body paint. After our initial story, more reader input came in, and soon enough it felt almost as if every fan within a 10-row radius had a story to tell. Well, word of this growing infamy seems to have made its way, as it so often does, back to its source. We've heard from Drunk 9/11 Hippie Girl, whose real name is Sam. She's 23, from southeastern Pennsylvania, and to hear her tell it, she's just a misunderstood, enthusiastic booster of all things Phillies (and America).


Here's Sam's side of what went down Tuesday night, in her own words:

I go to many games I love my team I shout and yell all the time I usually paint my body as tribute to my team (sorry I wasn't skinny enough for one guy) it was 9/11 and i wanted to make a tribute... People are all going to have there opinions sorry for being loud at a phillies game and having a good time

Oddly enough, just an hour after hearing from Sam, we got a rare letter in support of her. (It's odd in that the email was texted from a phone number that's located in Sam's geographic area. Of course, it could just be a fellow Phillies fan.) Here is D9HG's anonymous supporter:

Saw the hippie girl article and thought what is wrong with this world Here is a girl who is not ashamed of her body it may not be a model or hooters body but she was definitely not fat . She was supporting a team she must love, looked like she had a P tattoo on her shoulder. I am sure for every jerk like the guy who called her fat were people who were enjoying her spirit. I say good going girl supporting the day and her family's lose along with her team. Maybe he should loosen up a little and enjoy life.


Thus, we close the book on Drunk 9/11 Hippie Girl—until next year, of course.

Here's one photo that Sam sent along. It gives a clearer view of what her back paint says.


Sam's current Facebook profile pic.


Sam before a Phillies game in July.

Another tipster photo that we received yesterday.


Tipster Carl, who sat near Sam during Tuesday night's game. "At first I thought it was cute and funny," he told us. "Then I realized how obnoxious human beings can be."

Another photo that Sam sent us, from that night as well.