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As we learned on Sunday, Barbaro has suffered a rather serious setback. But here's some good news. If Big Boss Horse should, you know, not make it, there is another brave animal fighting for life which could use your prayers. Meet Perky the duck.

The duck — now grabbing world-wide attention — was shot in the wing and leg by local hunter Dale Tadlock on Jan. 15 but was rescued a day and a half later by his wife, Pamela Tadlock, who found it still alive when she went to check on it in the fridge.


The duck was rushed to the vet where it received emergency defrosting, but was at one point declared dead. And then, like that scene in E.T., a miracle occurred.

Beck said she walked out of the room sobbing and called Goose Creek treasurer Susan May when it happened. Ten to 15 seconds later, the duck perked up from her death bed. "I started crying 'she's alive!," Beck said. is, of course, providing daily updates on Perky's condition. Which means that somewhere, in a dimly-lit room with a dog curled at her feet and about 12,000 collectible teddy bears looking on, a 40-year-old woman in a unicorn sweatshirt types earnestly on an early-model PC:

Rainbows, swamp. Feathered ass pointing to the sky.Seasoned buckshot, a tasty treat for all well wishers. Daffy, Donald, my sentimental friends. Affirmed. All my love, Dee Mirich.


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