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The best part about Oregon's Jeremiah Masoli and Garrett Embry pleading guilty to second-degree burglary is that police can officially release the 911 call. Here it is, and it's excellent.

Two laptops, a guitar, and a projector are strange things to steal from a frat house if you're in the Heisman conversation (or, if you're a rarely used WR, for that matter.) But sure enough, that's what a member of SAE told police.

Clearly the best part:

Caller: There were two men, one's name is Garrett Embry and the other was Masoli.

911 Operator: Who was the other one?

Caller: Masoli. I'm not...(friend in background: "Jeremiah Masoli") Jeremiah Masoli. (Friend in background: "He fucking stole your computer?")

911 Operator: OK, can you spell his last name?

Caller: Garrett Embry and Jeremiah Masoli.

911 Operator: Can you spell Jeremiah's last name?

Caller: M-a-s-o-l-i. Like the football player.

"Like the football player?" Not for the next year or so, it's not.

The student then provided us with an excellent mental image when asked how he discovered his things were missing:

I was walking up the stairs and they were walking down the stairs with my possessions."


That's probably not the sort of quarterback awareness Chip Kelly was hoping for.

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