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Dude Is So Pissed Batista Won The Royal Rumble

Batista won the Royal Rumble last night and, for a number of reasons, the crowd booed the outcome lustily. Pittsburgh was already pissed that Daniel Bryan was not included and even booed the harmless Rey Mysterio, Jr. when he came out as the last man and not Bryan. When Batista eventually won, they booed even more. But it was nothing compared to this man; he shamed them all.

Batista returned a week ago, after nearly four years away, announced he was going to win the Royal Rumble and then won the Royal Rumble. It seemed...creatively weak. So he was booed. He apparently did not take kindly to this, either.


Good times, but let's get back to the main event: this shrieking dude. He throws a straight-up temper tantrum, screams at the girl (his...girlfriend?) filming and heads to his near-hoarder-level room full of wrestling merchandise and starts destroying his own property as a sign of his displeasure with the WWE.

h/t The Schwartz

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