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Duke Lacrosse Rape Charges Dropped

For those of you who still consider the Duke lacrosse rape case a sports story — we haven't for a long time; anything that makes that many people on basic cable scream into the camera immediately eliminates it from contention around here — the news just broke from Raleigh's WRAL station: Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong has dropped all rape charges in the case.

To anyone who has followed the case over the last few months, this is no surprise, and for anyone who knows the publicity-ready Nifong, the fact that the news broke the Friday before Christmas isn't much of a surprise either. Frankly, as far as we're concerned, the earlier this case gets out of everyone's lives, the better.

Long timers: Where's Tal4Prezz when we need him?

Nifong Drops Case [WRAL]

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