Dumb-Ass Fan Caught On Camera Stealing A Tablet After Press Conference

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We can understand the temptation, hanging around after a press conference and seeing all that technology tantalizingly strewn about with no one watching over it. But dude—while looking around all sneaky-like, didn’t you notice all the cameras around?

The thief, Roberto Mosky, found himself in the press room following a post-match interview following last weekend’s Independiente-Boca Juniors draw in Argentina’s Primera División. When the Independiente coach left the dais, Mosky spotted his chance and made off with the goods, somehow thinking he could get away with it despite making eye contact with the camera multiple times.


Sure enough, he the club eventually identified him. Taking matters into his own hands, Mosky posted a long letter of apology on Facebook. Here’s an excerpt:

I Roberto Mosky ... I apologize, unreservedly. For having taken the tablet after Jorge Almirón’s press conference. It was not done with malicious animosity or thievery. In an act of anger, powerlessness and not being in my right mind, I took something that was not for me. I already contacted Independiente to apologize, to give back what is not mine. And as for the anti-Independiente press, pundits and many more, do not make a fire of something that was just an ember burning badly. Let this burn out with me facing up to it, as it should be.


It’s easy to sound contrite when you’ve been caught red handed.


h/t Tim