Dumb Corporate Beef Becomes Dumb Kobe Bryant-Brandon Jennings Beef

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Under Armour has unleashed a new marketing campaign based around the idea that they're a "Change Agent" in the world of sports gear. The company even released a spoken-word promotional video that includes the sentence "Welcome to the revolution." It does a good job of subliminally positioning Under Armour as the plucky up-and-comer who's "realer" than Nike and Adidas because he hasn't gotten a major record deal yet. Or something.

They must have hoped that that identity would extend to young Brandon Jennings, who, it turns out does not have five NBA titles to his name. Today they put him in a purple-and-yellow T-shirt with the text "Nobody likes a snake," and it seems like the "kingdom" talk in the promo video might be a stab at other Nike clients, as well. The best thing Knight & Co. can do for themselves is to ignore it; the best thing they can do for Under Armour is to take the bait and engage. Conflict is always good for business. Plus, there's already a culturally relevant tagline in place (watch the throne) and an east coast-west coast element built in. This could have real potential if it involved something other than incredibly wealthy sneaker corporations.


H/T TBJ, via Ball Is Life.


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