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Less than three hours after tweeting “I’ve done nothing wrong,” Trevor Bauer sort of admitted it was wrong of him to harass a 21-year-old woman on Twitter for days and days.

The woman, a college student named Nikki Giles, spoke to USA Today Sports about the harassment, saying: “It has definitely ruined my last three days. [...] I have cried daily and called my family crying because the first 12–24 hours or so I was getting a lot of hate.”


That article was published on Tuesday, after which Bauer still continued to insist, over and over again, that he was just defending himself and that Giles had “attacked him first.”

This afternoon, he changed his tune:

Oooooooh, looks like someone got in trouble! Maybe the front office finally told him to just shut the fuck up?

Earlier this week, WOIO in Cleveland reported that the Indians organization was aware of the tweets, but said that “players are in control of their own social media accounts.”


In that case, it’s very grown-up of Bauer to take responsibility for his assholery all on his own and definitely not because he was told to do so. I look forward to his continued maturity as he “wield[s] the responsibility of [his] public platform more responsibly in the future.”

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