Dumb People Are Mad At Cardale Jones, For Some Reason

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Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones had a lo-fi press conference in a high school gymnasium today to announce that he is returning to school. To normal people, this was fine. To certain members of the media, this was an outrage.

We'll start with Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, who was the shrillest of those who were upset at Jones for having the temerity to make a public announcement about something many people were interested in:

"My decision was very simple," Jones said. "I'm gonna return next year for school."

If it was simple, why a press conference? Why the hubbub? Why the pomp and/or circumstance?

"I don't know why you guys made this such a big deal," Jones said.

It was Jones that made it a big deal. It was Jones that made it an unnecessary distraction and attention grab. And it will be Jones who'll have to live this one down.


Jesus Christ. Step away from the computer for a little bit, Mike.

Florio wasn't the only one who was upset, though. Here's what former NFL GM Mark Dominik had to say on ESPN:


He kept going!


You know what, though? Florio and Dominik might have a point. I mean, it does seem a little silly to hold a press conference for something like this. Maybe it's true that these damn Millennials are attention hungry and just don't understand how to be humble and go about their—

Right, sorry. What was I saying?