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Dutch Hooligans Who Tore Up Rome Somehow Even Dumber Than You Thought

Remember those crazy Feyenoord fans who turned up in Rome ahead of their team's Europa League clash with Roma? The ones who seemed more concerned with tearing the city down before the match than with the game itself? Yeah, well they're getting ready for round two.


The shirt you see above, from the Guardian, is making the rounds on social media as the Dutchmen prepare to welcome a couple thousand Romans to Rotterdam in the second leg of last week's debacle. The Feyenoord fans figure—probably rightly—that their Roman counterparts are going to want their revenge for the damage dealt in the first leg. Instead of defusing the situation like normal people who realized they'd behaved in a completely indefensible manner, they're ramping it up.

The "Je Suis Fountain" line, no doubt playing up the whole "Je Suis Charlie (Hebdo)" one popularized after the recent terrorist attack in Paris, is in particularly bad taste, as is the subsequent taunt. So vandalizing a hundreds of years old monument is cool? And you guys are the ones calling the Roma fans scum? Someone seems confused here, and it's not just us.


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