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Dwight Howard And Dennis Schroder Argue While Steph Curry Hits An Open Three

Gah, it must be frustrating being Dwight Howard’s teammate. You’d probably want to vent too after watching that dumb, charmless lunk whip a routine pass at the scorer’s table. But if you yap too hard, as Dennis Schroder did last night, you might end up leaving Steph Curry wide open from three.

That mental lapse was enough to end Schroder’s night. With 8:41 left in the third, Mike Budenholzer benched his point guard, who still ended the game with a team-high 23 points, for good. The Warriors proceeded to win 119-111, and Budenholzer had little to say about the incident after the game. Per ESPN:

Budenholzer was tight-lipped, calling it a “coaching decision.”

“We need to learn to play together and stay together for 48 minutes,” he said. “That’s something that’s very important to us.”


It’s always the little brother that ends up getting punished.

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