Dwight Howard Loses Free-Throw Contest To Troll Columnist's Daughter

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OK, Howard was shooting with his left hand, so this doesn't really count. In fact, the biggest takeaway from this contest isn't that Dwight Howard is a bad free-throw shooter, but that T.J. Simers is and will always be the worst.

Simers has always been a troll, but he really upped his punchability rating when he set up this contest between his daughter, Kelly Nielsen, and Dwight Howard. The whole thing is just an opportunity for Simers to stand around and act smug while barking things like "Make the shot!" in pitch-perfect coach-dad voice. Nielsen even gets in on the act, hitting Howard with smack talk like "Kobe thinks you're soft!" (That's an odd thing for a person who claims to have never heard of Dwight Howard to say.)


Way to go, Simers family. You somehow turned Dwight Howard into a sympathetic character.