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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Dwight Howard Thanks Orlando With Pictures Of Dwight Howard And Dwight Howards Name Blaring In All Caps. Dwight Howard.

He also said some nice stuff about the city of Orlando and its residents that may or may not have been ripped off from the theme to Titanic.


Anyway, another athlete who forced his way out of town thanked the fans in the most self indulgent way possible—let's step it up, guys. I'm thinking skywriter—and somehow that's supposed to be, like, a nice thing for people.

"Hey guys, my position this entire time has been that I basically hate playing in front of you but now I'm in Los Angeles—Kobe says 'What's up'—and I miss you guys and all those banners we hung and youth we impacted! Here's an advertisement. In a paper you used to read about me in! Sports!"

Dwight Howard says he loves Orlando in newspaper ad [Orlando Sentinel]

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