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Dwight Smith Has Seen 'Unfaithful'

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And he's evidently a big fan of the scene that takes place in the stairwell, because police cited him for something that may have been quite similar on Saturday morning. The Vikings safety was cited for "indecent conduct," and so was the young lady who was with him, for something that was going on in a stairwell at a club called the "Escape Ultra Lounge."


I'm no detective, but it sounds like some kind of exchange of bodily fluids was about to take place. And the Vikings are leaving me with no choice but to believe that they have some kind of a pool going about who can have sex in either the most unusual public place, or in the most public places. Nice try, Dwight Smith, but Fred Smoot still has you trumped with the double header on a cruise ship. Just imagine all the ones we haven't heard about. I wonder if Jermaine Wiggins has given it to anyone on the Metrodome roof.

This has got to please Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, who's vowed to clean up the club's sullied image. In fact, they just released Koren Robinson because of it. Depth at free safety might be a little harder for the Vikes to come by, though, so Dwight Smith might be safe. Regardless, it might be a good idea for the Vikings to write some kind of a "fuck at home" clause into all future contracts.

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