Coyotes prospect and 2015 third-overall pick Dylan Strome scored a pair for the OHL’s Erie Otters last night, and the second was a thing you will probably never again see in your life.

Strome jarred loose the stick of London Knights defenseman Brandon Crawley, so Crawley—rude!—swiped Strome’s stick. Strome looked for a penalty and didn’t get it, then skated over and picked up Crawley’s stick. And, as you already know as long as you read three words into the headline of this blog, he scored.

Set aside here the degree of difficulty in using a new stick, with an unfamiliar flex and curve (Crawley, as a blueliner, is likely to favor a heel curve) and just marvel at the perfect revenge and sheer disrespect in scoring a goal with another guy’s stick, then handing it to him on your way back to the bench.

via Puck Daddy