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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Eagles pulled away from Washington in the second half Monday night, although at halftime they only led by one touchdown. The competitive game didn’t stop a few fans from fighting early in the third quarter of the Eagles’ 34-24 win in Philly.

Tipster Jeffrey sends in this video he shot, and it’s quite the brawl. First, a fan in a Fletcher Cox jersey sizes up a guy in a Kirk Cousins jersey. A man in a Brian Dawkins jersey then tries to join the fray; when a man in a Randall Cunningham jersey attempts to stop him, those two begin fighting.


Throughout the video, various fans wonder loudly where the hell security is. Despite a height and weight disadvantage, the Cousins guy gets the best of the guy in the Cox jersey.

Eventually, people in Carson Wentz gear—ever the Christian peacemakers—help break up the two fights. (Though, to be fair, the one Wentz fan’s attempt was pretty half-hearted.) It was just another night in South Philadelphia.

Staff editor, Deadspin

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