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Eagles vs. Saints, 1st Quarter

- Here's the late-breaking news from the FOX pregame show: None of the Saints play trumpet. This will probably have a huge effect on the game.

- DirecTV and FOX salute a guy who lost his home in Katrina, but bravely kept working anyway, to get DirecTV customers "up and running." That's great and all, but hey, DirecTV, how about giving the guy a few fucking days off? Maybe a little extra vacation time? At least a free month of HBO...


- Geez. Tony Siragusa just did that little thing on the field like he was doing a wrestling interview. He's pointing at the camera, snarling, speaking emphatically... "Someone's gonna win tonight, and someone's gonna lose, but the memories are gonna live FOREVER... so call your cable company and buy the pay-per-view! Tonight! In the steel cage!"

- Oh, Reggie Bush just got killed. Biggest hit of the playoffs, by far. Just lifted him right up off the ground, ass-over-tea-kettle. Reggie Bush might not be okay.

- Reggie Bush is okay, as it turns out. He misses a play and gets back in there. 3rd and 10 for the Saints, and the pressure gets to Brees. They'll punt.

- The Eagles will do the same... it looked like Donte Stallworth had a pretty good chance to catch that 3rd and 10 throw from Jeff Garcia.


- Deuce McAllister is a horse. He pounds it up the middle, bowling over people between the tackles. If Shawn Consindine has a personal highlight reel, that's not going on it. The young man was trucked.

- The drive stalls on a couple of incompletions, and here comes John Carney for a field goal. I'm getting just a little bit tired of all the fucking field goals today. I've said "fuck" in this post twice already. That's how much it irritates me.


- And I've gotta go capture video of that t-shirt that was just shown... and here we go:


- I hope she's in some kind of a long-distance relationship with the "West Fuckin' Virginia" guy.

- Tony Siragusa has a team of guys set up to simulate an offensive line, and then some guy playing a defensive end, too. Are these fans? Siragusa's entourage? Camera crew guys? Who's manning the cameras?


- Puntpuntpuntpuntpunt

- Brees deep along the left sideline for Devery Henderson... complete. Best throw of the day so far, and Henderson just beat the corner with pure speed. Brees cooperates with a perfect throw.


- But the quarter's going to end before they have a chance to punch it in to the endzone. That's five touchdown-free quarters. Come on, Saints, let's end this.

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