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- Hey, highlights of the Punt, Pass, and Kick Finals... I think the same damn kids have been winning this thing for like 12 years. Future gym teachers, all of them.


- Eagles tackle Shawn Andrews is done for the day... which is not good news...

- Or maybe it is. That little bolt of green and white running down the screen right now is Brian Westbrook, and they're not gonna catch him. Defensive breakdown there, and another Eagles quick strike gets them in the endzone. 21-13, Eagles.


- Reno Mahe's getting an erotic massage on the sidelines. A trainer's got a towel over his ass, while he's in there, kneading him like a loaf of pumpernickel. Mahe's got his face down on the table, so I can't see it, but... I bet it's smiling.

- Duece McAllister gets into the endzone on heart and balls. He looked to be dead at about the four, but he keeps his legs driving, the guys behind him kept pushing, and they just pushed harder than the Eagles. Back to within a point... 21-20, Eagles.

- Jeff Garcia hits Brian Westbrook over the middle, and Westbrook drops it... Garcia gets up yelling, "FUCK." Which happens about 182 times a game, but when I see it, it makes he happy. It's the small things in life.

- Eagles forced into a punting situation, despite good field position... Saints ball, 1st and 10 at the 15, halfway through the third quarter.


- Reggie Bush coughs one up, but Terrence Copper saves the day by diving on the fumble. Hooo... that was fortunate. He was the only Saint within five yards of the ball.

- The Saints had the ball down to the 30, well within David Akers range for a field goal... but a penalty and a sack gets them back to about the 50. Unfortunately for the Eagles, D'hani Jones was busy committing illegal contact on a receiver, nullifying the sack, giving the Eagles five yards instead... a swing of 15 yards, and an automatic first down. And on the next play, Deuce McAllister gets the Saints down to the 10. Huge, huge penalty on D'hani Jones.


- Deuce McAllister on the screen... and a shoulder fake left Jeremiah Trotter with broken ankles. Moose Johnston yelled "YES!" when he crossed the goal line. I don't think he's supposed to do that. But it's 27-21 Saints, and it's started to look a little bit here like the Eagles defense just won't be able to stop the Saints offense. Or at least Deuce McAllister.

- A couple of consecutive first down passes for Jeff Garcia, as the Eagles look to get back on the scoreboard here. That's the end of the third. Tension.

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