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Eagles vs. Saints, 4th Quarter

- Yes, since you asked, that is Brian Westbrook and a horse.

- And we're going to pause here at the beginning of the 4th quarter to honor the Punt, Pass, and Kick champions. The 12/13 year old female champion is like 6 feet tall. The guy in the same age group thinks he's a player. He's eyeballing the 14/15 year old girl like a piece of meat.


- I think if you put those kids together on a team, they'd beat the winner of Seattle/Chicago tomorrow.

- A rainbow pass from Garcia to Reggie Brown, and a nifty little run from Brian Westbrook get the Eagles into the redzone. Jeff Garcia, no matter how this thing ends, has played pretty well today.

- Great job defensively by the Saints on that third down. Well read by the linebackers, and it's a loss of two. The Eagles have to settle for three, which puts the onus on the Eagles defense here. Akers is good from 24, and it's 27-24, Saints.

- Whoever's calling plays for the Eagles has two guys standing on either sides of him with big white towels stretched out, trying to hide their signals. They look like injured players, the guys who drew this dream assignment.


- The Eagles force a quick three-and-out here, with 9:36 left to play. Eagles take possession at their own 37 yard line.

- But the Eagles can't get anything going, either. Three and out. A couple of defensive stops in a row here, when it seems like we haven't had one in forever. The good news is that they didn't waste a lot of time with their failure. Still 8:20 to play.


- 3rd and 9 here, 5:49 to play... Brees just missed Terrence Copper over the middle. Stop here would be big for the Eagles.

- But they don't get it. Drew Brees hits Marques Colston in the hands with a little slant... why the corner is playing off at that point, I have no idea. But that clock keeps running. 5:12 to go.


- Another first down with about 4:10 on the clock... they allow another first down, and they're done.

- AND OH MY DEAR LORD. A little pitchout from Drew Brees to Reggie Bush goes right through Bush's hands, and the Eagles are on top of it. Just a lack of focus there by Reggie Bush, probably looking ahead to the running lane before he had the ball wrapped up. Huuuuge break for the Eagles. 3:18 to go, and a first down for the Eagles.


- 3rd and 10 for Jeff Garcia and the Eagles. He scrambles, gets it off... and it's incomplete. Couldn't protect him. And at the 2:00 warning, it's a 4th and 10 for the Eagles. Deep breaths...

- Five wide, blitz is on, and Garcia goes over the middle... COMPLETE. Incredible throw... and... ah, Christ. False start. Never happened.


- So the Eagles punt now on 4th and 15, when they just went for it on 4th and 10. I can't stress enough what a great throw that was by Jeff Garcia. 1:48 left to play, Saint ball at their own 22.

- 3rd and 1 for the Saints. One yard... and the glory of Jeff Garcia may be gone forever.


- And it's Deuce McAllister, your MVP on the day... and he has it. I think there may be a little bit of alcohol consumed in New Orleans this evening. Go out there and earn yourselves some gold and black beads, ladies.

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