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East Coast Mascot Hostilities Show No Signs Of Abating

Karma's a bitch, especially for costumed Ram mascots. University of Rhode Island mascot Rhody Ram learned that over the weekend, when he was assaulted outside of a restroom at a college basketball game. You may recall another, older, incident involving Rhody from the video above, in which the mascot taunted, and then rumbled with the very aggravated St. John's Hawk. (We love that the Hawk continued to flap his wings during his headless tirade). From Bedford-Providence TV station TurnTo10:

Someone attacked the Rhody Ram mascot during a college basketball game, injuring the man inside costume. NBC 10's Mario Hilario reported that an intense rivalry between Providence College and the University of Rhode Island appears to be turning ugly. "He was coming out of the bathroom, and he was speared. A guy ran and put his head right up under his ribs, running, and so he knocked the wind out of him and his ribs were bruised. He wasn't hurt badly. But it was the general tone of what was happening there," URI president Robert Carothers said.


The real loser in this incident? Of course it's NBC10 Action reporter Mario Hilario, who must be constantly getting these choice assignments due solely to his name.

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