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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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First of all, this is not a hockey post. This Wade Campbell is a Little League dad, who, concerned that his son wasn't getting enough playing time, had a cheerful discussion with his coach. Yes, the term "shot down like a dog" was used, but only in the most constructive of ways.

Wade Campbell threatened to shoot his son's Little League coach when the 12-year-old didn't see enough playing time, the coach alleges. Police arrested Wade Campbell, 46, Sunday after he called the coach and told him "he was going to be shot down like a dog and that they 'f——- with the wrong East Sider," according to a criminal complaint charging Campbell with making terroristic threats.


Judging from dad's photo, we can only imagine how lithe, athletic and fleet on the basepaths Campbell's son must be. We're sure he's indistinguishable from Benny Rodriguez in The Sandlot, and this is all just politics, pure and simple. Campbell's son should be playing every inning of every game! This is bullshit, man!

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