So, In Europe, you riot when your team loses the big game? Huh. And in London, apparently, they know how to do that. As soon as Chelsea lost to Manchester United in the Champions League Final, they were out of the pubs and into the streets.

As the stand-off developed, hooligans — including several young women — hurled bottles and dustbins at police before running back into the crowd. Many thugs covered their faces with scarves as they taunted police. Officers in riot gear and wielding batons charged the crowd to disperse them as missiles rained down.

Not sure what a dustbin is ... my understanding of British outdoor objects is limited to things I've seen in Monty Python sketches, such as "Vicious gangs of keep-left signs ..."

So if I have this straight, Chelsea fans were fighting with each other? Wow.

In Moscow, where the match was held, things were somewhat calmer.

Thousands of Chelsea fans were bussed under police escort to their airports soon after their team lost on penalties. Police said they had used mobile "sobering vans" to treat drunk fans before the game.


A few of those vans were sorely needed at the Preakness last weekend.

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