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Eddie Griffin Needs To Mind His Surroundings

OK, so we formally apologize for taking until 10 a.m. today to get to this. It's been a busy morning.

But yes: Eddie Griffin. Ah, Eddie. By now you've certainly heard the news: The Timberwolves center has been nailed with a civil suit claiming he caused a car accident while drunk and masturbating to a porn film. When the arrest was originally made in March, Griffin told the Pioneer Press that the accident happened because "he was reaching for a cell phone that had fallen off his lap." Which is one way to put it.


It's worth noting, by the way, that the accident — and alleged self-fornication — happened in the parking lot of a grocery story at 2:30 in Minneapolis. One would have thought one could be safe self-pleasuring at that time, in that place, in one's vehicle.

But Eddie Griffin forgot one thing.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Griffin Hit With Civil Suit [Pioneer Press]

(UPDATE: WCCO-TV has video of the incident. Yahoo!)

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