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Eddie Johnson Reminds You That He Does Not Molest Children

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It was really not the best of weeks for Phoenix Suns broadcaster (and former Illini) Eddie Johnson. As we mentioned, Johnson was consistently confused with fellow former NBA player Eddie Johnson, who was just arrested and charged with child molestation. Problem is, most people don't know that Eddie Johnson; they know this one, the one who is a broadcaster and a leader in the community.


So the Jumping To Conclusions began. The Chicago Tribune ran a picture of the wrong Eddie Johnson, a TV station wire service sent out the wrong picture and Skip Bayless, in a glorious summation of why he brings sadness to the world, famously broke into a rant against the Suns for hiring such a monster. Now, the non-molesting Eddie Johnson is trying to clear his good name.

I think that it was a chain reaction—so to speak. I just got back from vacation in Hawaii Wednesday morning. I got a phone call from one of my best friends and current Atlanta Hawks head coach, Mike Woodson saying that people have called him and said my picture was attached to the story about Eddie Johnson molesting an eight year old girl. He knew right away that it was the other Eddie Johnson who used to play in the league and was disturbed obviously—almost as much as I was. Someone obviously didn't do their homework. When I got home, I saw some phone calls from some of my family and friends asking what happened.


That's the part that we think is most crazy: Johnson comes back from a Hawaiian vacation to this. Welcome back, Eddie! (No, not that Eddie ... oh, nevermind.)

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