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Eddie Vedder Is Mad At Those "Fuckers" In OKC For Stealing The Sonics. Also, Let's Watch Him Fall Down Over And Over Again

Here's aging dinosaur rocker Eddie Vedder at a recent concert in Charlotte, N.C., disparaging certain "fuckers" in Oklahoma City for stealing the SuperSonics from Seattle. Eddie Vedder is no friend of yours, residents of the Sooner State!

Before you go chastising Vedder for talking trash about Oklahoma, please remember that the loss of the Sonics still weighs heavily on the souls of many former Sonics fans. Fandom is a complicated, often unforgiving experience, and what Vedder is expressing here is something that all fans can rel—Haha just kidding, nobody gives a shit about what Eddie Vedder thinks about Oklahoma or the Thunder or anything at all. You're just here so that I can make you look at this GIF of him falling down again:


God, that will always be funny. And so will this:

Have a good evening.

[The Lost Ogle | Gawker]

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