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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Caught off guard when they threw it back to the studio during ESPN's halftime report, somebody burped loudly and directly into their microphone. We're thinking it probably wasn't Rece Davis, because he was getting ready to talk and seems to transition pretty well. So it could either be Mark May or Lou Holtz.

Reasons it might have been Mark May: Does that thing where you sort retract your head into your shoulders while you're burping, faces down as if he's slightly ashamed, gets a look from Lou Holtz like, "Woah, buddy! Nice burp."


Reasons it might have been Lou Holtz: Old man, probably doesn't give a fuck, gives a look to Mark May like, "Woah, buddy! I think I just burped."

I've got my money on May. Something about that post-burp reaction looks more guilty than second-hand embarrassed. Plus, Lou Holtz preaches self-discipline. Who do you think burped?

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