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Eli Swears He Has No Idea How He Got Those Beads: Your NFL Late Games Viewing Guide

We've got three games for you this evening, including American Hero John Skelton's stirring return to the starting lineup.

New Orleans at New York Giants (FOX): Revenge is a dish best served with some rice and shrimp and, really, the roux is the most important part. It gets overlooked a lot, but you've got to have a good roux. Bay leaves, cajun season and all that other stuff is just window dressing. It's all about the roux. Roux, roux, roux.

Osi Umenyiora remembers spraining his ankle and going into the locker room for X-rays in the second quarter in New Orleans last year.

"By the time I came out, they scored like four or five touchdowns in that span," Umenyiora said. "It was like we didn't know what had happened."

Ask Perry Fewell about the night Drew Brees torched his defense for five touchdowns — four through the air and one on the ground in a 49-24 Saints win — and the defensive coordinator is in no mood to reminisce.

"I want to forget about that game," Fewell said. "Because they kicked the [bleep] out of us."


Make them roux the day G-men. Know what I mean?

Arizona at Seattle (FOX): Look, we're all allowed to make mistakes, but Ken Whisenhunt is out of mulligans. There are just some things you don't do and one of those is doubt John Motherfuckin' Skelton. There are opinions and facts. Ken Whisenhunt seems to think Skelton as a starter is an opinion. Well, here's a fact: John Skelton eats defenses and shits touchdowns. Deal with it.

Miami at San Francisco (CBS): This is a weird game, huh? Dolphins-Niners? Perhaps if Alex Smith had opted to sign with Miami this year we could have a fake storyline to talk about. Maybe now we have a guy visiting the team he will soon serve as backup quarterback for? Maybe. Anyway, Kaepernick gets the start after a not-so-hot start last week including a questionable option pass-turned disaster. More gobbledygook from Harbaugh:

"Just a winning quarterback performance in tough circumstances," Harbaugh said. "In the evaluation, I thought Colin played well, did a lot of really good things, made some good decisions. I thought some real positives to take away from his performance.


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