Elias Pettersson And Brock Boeser Do Their Best Sedin Twins Impression With This Beautiful Goal

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The Vancouver Canucks took on the Colorado Avalanche on Friday in a thrilling 7-6 overtime victory. Among the 13 goals scored that night, the one that stood out the most came from Brock Boeser in the second period off of a pass by Swedish rookie standout Elias Pettersson that would make Henrik and Daniel Sedin proud.

The chemistry between the Sedin Twins knew no bounds during their time together on the Canucks which created some of the most astounding highlights of their era. One example of this came in 2013 against Detroit where they pulled off their own version of the off-the-boards goal.

Of course, the difference between the two highlights is that the Sedins were in their thirties with over a decade of NHL experience in 2013, while Pettersson is currently 19 in the ninth league game of his career. With nine goals and six assists on the season, October’s Rookie of the Month award and the confidence to pull of highlights like this, the young Swede is quickly becoming must-see television.