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Just in time for the SHOTY Quarterfinals, our old pal Elijah Dukes is at it again. The guy just can't help himself; his fingers just tap threatening text messages as if they have a mind of their own.


Yep, someone else is asking for a restraining order against Dukes.

Reese says Dukes sent her a text message on Oct. 23 that stated she would "have to deal with the consequences" and "don't let me see you when I come home" and "it's a promise, now make your move."

On Nov. 24, according to Reese, Dukes came to her home to discuss an incident that took place in his home before their split. After that visit, she said, he has been calling her home at inappropriate times. "It's on," Dukes said during a 5 a.m. phone call, according to Reese.

We think it's possible that Elijah Dukes might have a bit of an issue with women. So we'll say this: Please, somebody tell Alyssa Milano to keep her distance. She won't be able to resist. But girl, that guy is BAD NEWS.


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