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Elon University's Elders Were Apparently None Too Happy About That Whole "Comedic" Video Thing

Something really, really sad happened since the "Welcome to the EU" video by East Infection, Juice Box, and the Bigger Guys made its way from Elon University to Deadspin and back to Elon's administrative and athletic-directing offices. Namely, it seems as if Elon higher-ups were concerned about potential reputational damage to the point of making it go away with the quickness.

Yikes. Tipster Greg S. steered me toward a bunch of Eloncentric Tweets about how the guys got a talking to via email, and kind of saw this coming. They're also pissed at whomever spread word that they played football, not knowing whether, in fact, it was actually a football player. But one tweeter knew, in fact, that the "Elon PR Nazis" were behind the whole thing.


For shame.

Anyway, wondering about that picture up top? Greg says that's NY Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw who "for some reason was at West End bar spitting game at Elon University." That's a tip in which "some reason" means "to smoove up on whatever that blonde with the crucifix stigmata on her hand's name is."

Here's Hoping This Steers "White-Boy" I-AA Football Players Away From Making "Comedic" Music Videos [Deadspin]

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