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Well, this is a mess. The Broncos were in talks with defensive end Elvis Dumervil to take a pay cut to stay with the team, and it came down to the wire. With the deadline at 4:00 EDT, the sides reached an agreement in principle at 3:25. Dumervil didn't fax the contract until 4:07. Dumervil is now a free agent.


It's a colossal, colossal fuck-up, and judging from all the NFL reporters relaying the news from "team sources," the Broncos are laying the blame on Dumervil's agent Marty Magid. When 4:00 rolled around, Denver was in a bind. Without a new contract, Dumervil was due the $12 million in his original deal, rather than the $8 million they re-negotiated today. "We had to protect ourselves," a team source told one reporter, and they cut Dumervil.

Dumervil and the Broncos could get back together and sign a new deal, but for now he's on the open market—and a new contract, as opposed to a restructured one, will have major salary cap implications for Denver. It's a reminder that fax machines are now only used in pro and college football, and will fuck you over any chance they get.

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