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It was an FSU official, general counsel Carolyn Egan, who forwarded a screenshot of a damning Facebook post to the cops, starting the ongoing domestic battery investigation involving running back Karlos Williams, according to emails released by Tallahassee police.

The Facebook post appeared Friday night and is from Miranda Wilhelm, the mother of Williams's child.

On Saturday, Egan sent this email to Tallahassee police chief Michael DeLeo, with a picture of the Facebook post included.

DeLeo forwards Egan's email to a deputy chief, along with brief instructions.


From there the email snakes its way through the chain of command. The deputy chief forwards it to a captain, the captain sends it to another officer with the note "I am calling you now," and eventually an investigation is opened. Police released the emails to the Tallahassee Democrat yesterday in response to questions about why no incident report existed for the case. The department also faces a court petition for the case records filed by a Sarasota paralegal who serves as vice president of the ACLU of Florida.

For the most part, the emails are just another glimpse into the basic hierarchy and hot-potato-passing of police work. But that they started with a plea to investigate from Florida State, a university beleaguered by reports of obstruction in a rape investigation and of protecting players accused of crimes, is fascinating because it looks like Florida State did the right thing here.


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Image via Associated Press

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