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Oh, Joe...
Photo: Stacy Revere (Getty Images)

Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders was understandably not pleased after Sunday’s 27-16 loss against the Packers. In his postgame conversation with reporters he gave quite an honest assessment of just how he feels being on a team that’s started the season going 0-3.


It doesn’t take a whole lot of digging to discover that Sanders’s assessment of his winless squad is pretty damn accurate. If the definition of a “world of suck” in the context of a football team means sucking on both sides of the ball, well, that’s what the Broncos have been doing for some time now. Let’s check in to see how the defensive mind of Vic Fangio has affected Denver:

Hm, not great. Maybe the John Elway-backed Joe Flacco can offer some relief with less suckage on the offensive side?


Welp, that doesn’t seem so great either. The only bright side for this offense has been the reliable workhorse Phillip Lindsay, but that doesn’t mean anything when the man under center is making throws like this:


Unfortunately for Sanders, his optimism may turn out to be naivety as Denver’s schedule is not exactly kind from here on out. The Broncos face the legend of Gardner Minshew next week, and the Chargers at Los Angeles the week after that. Sure, the Titans come to Mile High Stadium after the trip to LA, but then they face a three-game stretch of the Chiefs, Colts, and Browns. In other words, there’s a very real chance that this team could be 1-8, where the “world of suck” will have expanded into a galaxy of suck.

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